Methods of payment

Bank Transfer

This mode will save the rights to mark the carrier resulting in even more comfortable. Now all banks allow you to transfer money on the web. With this opportunity you can buy online without have to go to the bank. To expedite order processing please send a scan of the bank transfer by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please note that you have to wait for order fulfillment been credited the amount at our. C / C transfer.

Bank Account
BANK: Credem
Account holder: Giuseppe Bonini
Domestic banking: W 03032 25905 010000002090 (IBAN)
ABI: 03032
CAB: 25905
n. account: 010/0002090-4
International bank: IT42 W030 3225 9050 1000 0002 090

Cash to the courier

The amount will be paid to the courier in cash or by bank draft, with an increase of the total of € 7. We do not accept checks and postal checks.

Postepay card payment

This mode allows you to place your order quickly and safely, as well as save you the cost of delivery. The transaction will be handled with Postepay such as credit card, as belonging to Visa Electron. To make payments with PostePay is enough if cardholders PostePay, make the payment online from the website of the Italian Post Office or go to any post office and make a charge PostePay using the form.

For clarity and transparency to you, the addebbito the transaction will be made ​​only to escape.

Card Holder: Giuseppe Bonini
Card number: 4023 6004 7154 5329

Payment by PayPal

To pay with PayPal simply register circuit to the site and enter the details of your credit card or prepaid coordinate data of your bank account. This system ensures the security of transactions formed by more than ten-year partnership with the famous site Ebay. The mode of payment quick and safe group ebay.

Postal order

To make a postal order just go to any post office and, using the appropriate form, made ​​out to: Giuseppe Bonini, C.da Casabianca n.216 - 91025 - Marsala (TP).

To expedite order processing, please send a scan of the transfer by e-mail at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .