AGORA' BOTTI is a company that deals with wholesale and retail, with casks of any capacity and any type of wood (chestnut, oak, cherry, acacia, mulberry ...) AGORA' BOTTI located in the city Marsala, just on the far western tip of Sicily, a city, Marsala, famous throughout the world for its wines, for its centuries-old cellars and its equally long tradition in the construction of the barrels, and throughout its history ancient past through domination Arabic, Turkish, English, Angevin.

AGORA' BOTTI can provide barrels with a capacity ranging from half a liter up to a thousand liters, always respecting the most diverse and special requests, working through a construction and custom adaptations to the real needs of the customer. In addition to supplying wineries, wine bars, pubs and wine bars, AGORA' BOTTI is also involved in manufacturing and supplying barrels for the furnishing of private houses, restaurants, pizzerias, gardens ...

Each request can be satisfied from AGORA' BOTTI, through customized products and behind specific instructions from the customer. The excellent quality of the barrels comes from mastery, by the wisdom and experience of master coopers of Marsala, which, with their conscientious craftsmanship, have taken advantage of an art that has been passed from generation to generation, from father to son, a ' art by which we know today, in an era of consumerism and progress often exaggerated, the construction techniques that were taught and learned with great patience and with many years of careful, loving, hard work and commitment. That's why AGORA' BOTTI is pleased to also respond to the questions and curiosity more details, so that this object, the barrel is not only regarded as a mere commodity or as a simple container for the storage of wines, but as a true artisan product with a strong artistic component.